Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bergen County Tournament Predictions Round 1

Here are my predictions for BCT that starts tomorrow...I have made predictions for the winners of each round and will for the entire tournament daily

1st Round on 1/12/12

9. Ramsey
(6-4-1) vs 8. Ridgewood (7-4-0)

Ramsey is a big time defensive team that has only given up 17 goals in 11 games played this season. Ridgewood on the other hand is a explosive offensive team averaging 5.7 goals per game! Both teams come into this game with losing records in the New Year.

John Covello Pick: Ridgewood

Player to Watch: Peter McGinley (Ridgewood)

Projected Score: Ram 2 vs Rwood 4

5. Northern Highlands (9-3-0) vs 12. Indian Hills (7-4-1)

I see Indians Hills as an inconsistent team that has beaten the teams they should have and lost to the teams they should have. Highlands is a pretty solid team overall. They have 5 shutouts on the season, and all of their loses have come to teams ranked higher than them in this tournament.

John Covello Pick: Northern Highlands

Player to Watch: Ryan Ertmann (Northern Highlands)

Projected Score: IH 1 vs NH 2

11. Mahwah (5-4-1) vs 6. Paramus (8-2-1)

Paramus is coming into this game HOT! They have not lost in their past 6 games, and this includes a Bridgewater Tournament championship. Even though Mahwah is a low scoring team they have a very low goals against average. Their Goals For compared to their Goals Against ratio is 19 to 21.

John Covello Pick: Paramus

Player to Watch: JJ Piccinich (Paramus)

Projected Score: Mah 2 vs Para 6

7. Glen Rock (7-4-1) vs 10. Pascack Valley (7-2-0)

Pascack Valley is probably the most explosive offensive team in the BCT, they have scored at least 4 goals in every game this season. Since some incoming transfers have been apart of the team they are (3-0-0) and have scored a total of 23 goals in those 3 games. Glen Rock on the other hand has played up and down this season. They have a great top line that generates a lot of scoring.

John Covello Pick: Pascack Valley

Player to Watch: Brian Sisti (Pascack Valley)

Projected Score: GR 3 vs PV 6

I will post the predictions for round 2 tomorrow. Best of luck to all teams in the BCT


  1. wow 16 goals vs clifton rank 104 17 goals vs river dell rank 104 some power they will lose by 4

  2. ^^^PV also put 5 goals up against an undefeated big deal I guess

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