Monday, January 30, 2012

NEW *Scouting Page* NEW

New on the John Covello Blog is a Scouting section! This section will contain the top players ranked by me that are from New Jersey. To start the page off I have posted the top 20 skaters from New Jersey that were born in 1993, and 1994. To view that page just click on the "Scouting" section on the top of the page.

This page will be updated, and the next posting will be top ranked 1995's from New Jersey, which will come out soon.

p.s. The next set of rankings will be coming out sometime next week, due to the fact that Jon Yardley has been away, and has not updated his site to get the accurate and most up to date rankings from all over the state.

Please feel free to email me at any time

Thursday, January 19, 2012

High School Hockey Rankings #5

Top 20 Overall:

1. Delbarton: (12-1-0) [1] Gordon American (Private)

2.Don Bosco (16-1-0) [2] Gordon National (Private)

3. Mo-Beard (7-2-4) [6] Mennen (Private)

4. Randolph (10-1-3) [4] Mennen (Pubic A)

5. Bridgewater-Raritan (11-2-1) [7] Skylands (Public A)

6. Kinnelon (12-3-0) [14] Mennen (Public B)

7. Morris Knolls (10-3-2) [12] Mennen (Public A)

8. Montgomery (12-4-0) [10] Skylands (Public A)

9. Ridge (10-3-1) [11] Skylands (Public A)

10. CBA (10-3-3) [3] Gordon American/Shore A (Private)

11. Morristown (12-3-0) [13] Halvorsen (Public A)

12. Brick Township (8-3-1) [8] Shore A (Public B)

13. Notre Dame (13-1-2) [16] CVC-Valley (Private)

14. St. Joes Metuchen (13-0-1) [NR] GMC (Private)

15. Red Bank Catholic (5-4-4) [15] Shore A (Private)

16. MKA (8-3-0) [NR] NJIHL-North (Private)

17. Middletown South (8-5-0) [NR] Shore A (Public A)

18. Seton Hall (6-7-2) [NR] Gordon National (Private)

19. St. Peter's (3-9-2) [5] Gordon National (Private)

20. St. Augustine (2-7-2) [9] Gordon American (Private)

On The Bubble:

Gloucester Catholic (2-8-0) (Private)
Bergen Catholic (3-6-0) (Private)
Chatham (10-6-1) (Public B)
Tenafly (13-1-0) (Public B)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

All BCT Teams / Final Bergen County Rankings

John Covello's All Tournament Teams

Tournament MVP- Justin Mackenzie

1st Team

F- Justin Mackenzie
(Don Bosco) - Had 7 points in 3 games which was the most

F-Eli Markowitz (Tenafly) - Scored a goal in all 3 games, and had 5 points in total

F- Cole Maier (Don Bosco) - Tallied 6 points in 3 games, which was 2nd most

D-Christian Brown-Noel
(Don Bosco) - Tourny's leading dman scorer with 4 points

D-Jordan Lang
(Tenafly) - Tenafly's best man, proved to be a key force in everygame

G-Harrison Fabris
(Northern Highlands) - Had the most saves (91) and let up the least amount of goals (4)

2nd Team

F-Brandon Bernstein (Tenafly) - Had 5 points in 3 games, including 4 against PV

F-Joe Noonan
(Mahwah) - Had 4 points in 2 games, was apart of 4 of 5 goals for Mahwah

F-Joe Mazzone
(Pascack Valley) - Had 4 points in 2 games, including 3 goals

D-Rory Garlasco
(Don Bosco) - Registered 2 points in the BCT, and always seemed to be in the mix

D-Corey Morgan
(Ridgewood) - Ridgewood's top dman, also had 2 points in 2 games, a standout

G- Jon Winawer
(Tenafly) - Registered a shutout in the Semi-Finals, kept Tenafly in the games this week. Also 73 saves in 3 games

Honorable Mention

F-Peter McGinely (Ridgewood) - 3 points in 3 games, including a game winner

F-Steven Miller (Pasack Valley) - 3 points in 2 games

F-Ryan Ertmann (Northern Highlands) - 3 points in 3 games

F-Corey Leskanic (Northern Highlands) - 3 points in 3 games

F-Dylan Healy (Don Bosco) - 4 points in 3 games

D-Cody Calgano (Don Bosco) - 2 points in 2 games played

D-Mike Hite (Northern Highlands) - Huge role on Highlands defense, a big key in them only giving up 4 goals all tournament

G-Alex Santoliquido (Ridgewood) - Had 2 shutouts in 3 games and 70 saves

G-Chris Mutschin (Pascack Valley) - Only let up 5 goals in 2 games, including 80 saves

Just for the record I was correct with 9 out of 11 predictions..

The Final Bergen County Top 12

1. Don Bosco (16-1-0) Gordon National
2. Bergen Catholic (3-6-0) Gordon American
3. Tenafly (13-1-0) Big North-Gold
4. Northern Highlands (12-4-0)
5. Paramus Catholic (11-2-1) Big North-Gold
6. Ridgewood (9-5-0) Big North-Gold
7. St. Joes Montvale (7-3-1) Big North-Silver
8. Ramapo (9-3-1) Big North-Silver
9. Pascack Valley (8-3-1) Big North-Gold
10. Glen Rock (7-4-2) Big North Green
11. Mahwah (6-5-1) Big North-Green
12. Paramus (9-3-1) Big North-Silver

On the Bubble:

Ramsey (6-5-1) Big North-Green
Indian Hills (8-5-1) Big North-Green

Monday, January 16, 2012

Bergen County Tournament Predictions Finals

Now that we have narrowed down the top 2 teams in Bergen County, we can have them play against each other in the final round/championship of the first Annual Bergen County Hockey Tournament. Tonight's game will once again be at the Ice Vault in Wayne.

#1 Don Bosco (15-1-0) vs #2 Tenafly (13-0-0) @ 7:00

Don Bosco has won 2 games so far to get to the finals of the BCT. The first game came over #11 Mahwah and the second over #8 Ridgewood. Don Bosco has not seemed to be faced with a difficult challenge yet, but I'm sure they will see it tonight against an undefeated Tenafly.
Tenafly has played a tight game in both of their BCT games, and they hope to do it again in the finals against a very strong Don Bosco.

John Covello Pick: Don Bosco

Players to Watch: Cole Maier #44 (Don Bosco-Forward) Eli Markowitz (Tenafly-Forward)

Projected Score: DBP 6 to Ten 2

Actual Score: DBP 6 to Ten 2

In a day or two I will be posting the All-Tournament teams for the BCT, as well as the Tournament MVP...Best of luck tonight to both teams tonight, and don't forget to vote on who you think will win championship! (up and on the right)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bergen County Tournament Predictions Semi-Finals

After the quarterfinals we know proceed onto the Semi-Finals of the Bergen County Tournament. Again in this round the teams get re-seeded so that the top ranked team plays the lowest ranked team. All games will be played at the Ice Vault on 1/15/12

#5 Northern Highlands (11-3-0) vs #2 Tenafly (12-0-0) @ 8:15

Highlands keeps on proving that they deserve to be in finals of this tournament. They won both of their games in overtime, and if they can do it again against Tenafly, I'm sure they will take it. On Friday Tenafly won a nail bitter against Pascack Valey to keep that perfect record in standing.

John Covello Pick: Tenafly

Player to Watch: Brandon Bernstein (F-Tenalfy) Corey Leskanic (F-Northern Highlands)

Projected Score: 2 NH to 4 Ten

#1 Don Bosco (14-1-0) vs #8 Ridgewood (9-4-0) @ 6:15

I feel that Ridgewood comes into this game right were they would like to be when they are playing arguably the best team in the state. The Maroons will try and make it 3 consecutive shutouts when they take on Don Bosco. The Ironman would like to continue to show why they are the #1 ranked team in the tournament, and a win over a solid Ridgewood team would do just that.

John Covello Pick: Don Bosco

Players to Watch: Justin Mackenzie #12 (F-Don Bosco), Corey Morgan #7 (D-Ridgewood)

Projected Score: 6 DBP to Rwood 1

Don't forget to Vote on who you think will win the BCT (up and on the right)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Bergen County Tournament Predictions Quarterfinals

Now that the first round of the BCT is over we can now move onto the quarterfinals of the tournament...In this round the teams get re-seeded so that the top ranked team plays the bottom ranked team...Here are the match ups and my predictions for the quarterfinals:

All games are tonight 1/13/12 at the Ice Vault in Wayne.

#3 St. Joe's (Montvale) (7-1-0) vs #8 Ridgewood (8-4-0) @ 6:00

St. Joe's comes into the BCT with their first loss of the season which came last week to Paramus. So maybe some of their fire has burnt out?..but we will see. On the other hand Ridgewood comes into their game with momentum. They won in the first round of BCT with 18 seconds left...I feel this will be the closest game of the quarterfinals.

John Covello Pick: Ridgewood

Player to Watch: James Peer (St. Joes, Captain-Defenseman #6)

Projected Score: StJ 2 to Rwood 3

#2 Tenafly (11-0-0) vs #10 Pascack Valley (8-2-0) @ 7:00

Tenafly remains one of the only teams in the State that is still undefeated! The Tigers are really trying to prove something season, and the BCT is the perfect way to get it going. Pascack Valley enters the game after winning a thrilling shootout win over Glen Rock last night, lets see if they can keep rolling....I felt like this was the toughest game to predict.

John Covello Pick: Tenafly

Player to Watch: (Scott and Eric Shalek, Tenafly)

Projected Score: Ten 5 to PV 4

#1 Don Bosco (13-1-0) vs #11 Mahwah (6-4-1) @ 8:00

After a hard fought battle with Paramus, Mahwah has been rewarded with playing the #1 ranked team in the BCT (Don Bosco)...Not quite sure Mahwah can pull it off, but they do have good goal tending which can lead to a possible upset...maybe.

John Covello Pick: Don Bosco

Player to Watch: Brenden Calello (Don Bosco Captain-Forward #14)

Projected Score: DBP 8 to Mah 0

#5 Northern Highlands (10-3-1) vs #4 Ramapo (9-2-1) @ 9:00

I can see an overtime match up in this game...Northern Highlands always seems to play tight games no matter what, which is not a bad thing especially when you are playing a higher ranked team. This Ramapo team has not given up more then 3 goals in a game all season, and they look to continue this trend tonight.

John Covello Pick: Ramapo

Player to Watch: Scott Peters (Ramapo's Goalie)

Projected Score: NH 0 to Ram 1

Good luck to all teams tonight! Don't forget to vote on who do you think will win the BCT!!
(up and on the right)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bergen County Tournament Predictions Round 1

Here are my predictions for BCT that starts tomorrow...I have made predictions for the winners of each round and will for the entire tournament daily

1st Round on 1/12/12

9. Ramsey
(6-4-1) vs 8. Ridgewood (7-4-0)

Ramsey is a big time defensive team that has only given up 17 goals in 11 games played this season. Ridgewood on the other hand is a explosive offensive team averaging 5.7 goals per game! Both teams come into this game with losing records in the New Year.

John Covello Pick: Ridgewood

Player to Watch: Peter McGinley (Ridgewood)

Projected Score: Ram 2 vs Rwood 4

5. Northern Highlands (9-3-0) vs 12. Indian Hills (7-4-1)

I see Indians Hills as an inconsistent team that has beaten the teams they should have and lost to the teams they should have. Highlands is a pretty solid team overall. They have 5 shutouts on the season, and all of their loses have come to teams ranked higher than them in this tournament.

John Covello Pick: Northern Highlands

Player to Watch: Ryan Ertmann (Northern Highlands)

Projected Score: IH 1 vs NH 2

11. Mahwah (5-4-1) vs 6. Paramus (8-2-1)

Paramus is coming into this game HOT! They have not lost in their past 6 games, and this includes a Bridgewater Tournament championship. Even though Mahwah is a low scoring team they have a very low goals against average. Their Goals For compared to their Goals Against ratio is 19 to 21.

John Covello Pick: Paramus

Player to Watch: JJ Piccinich (Paramus)

Projected Score: Mah 2 vs Para 6

7. Glen Rock (7-4-1) vs 10. Pascack Valley (7-2-0)

Pascack Valley is probably the most explosive offensive team in the BCT, they have scored at least 4 goals in every game this season. Since some incoming transfers have been apart of the team they are (3-0-0) and have scored a total of 23 goals in those 3 games. Glen Rock on the other hand has played up and down this season. They have a great top line that generates a lot of scoring.

John Covello Pick: Pascack Valley

Player to Watch: Brian Sisti (Pascack Valley)

Projected Score: GR 3 vs PV 6

I will post the predictions for round 2 tomorrow. Best of luck to all teams in the BCT