Tuesday, January 17, 2012

All BCT Teams / Final Bergen County Rankings

John Covello's All Tournament Teams

Tournament MVP- Justin Mackenzie

1st Team

F- Justin Mackenzie
(Don Bosco) - Had 7 points in 3 games which was the most

F-Eli Markowitz (Tenafly) - Scored a goal in all 3 games, and had 5 points in total

F- Cole Maier (Don Bosco) - Tallied 6 points in 3 games, which was 2nd most

D-Christian Brown-Noel
(Don Bosco) - Tourny's leading dman scorer with 4 points

D-Jordan Lang
(Tenafly) - Tenafly's best man, proved to be a key force in everygame

G-Harrison Fabris
(Northern Highlands) - Had the most saves (91) and let up the least amount of goals (4)

2nd Team

F-Brandon Bernstein (Tenafly) - Had 5 points in 3 games, including 4 against PV

F-Joe Noonan
(Mahwah) - Had 4 points in 2 games, was apart of 4 of 5 goals for Mahwah

F-Joe Mazzone
(Pascack Valley) - Had 4 points in 2 games, including 3 goals

D-Rory Garlasco
(Don Bosco) - Registered 2 points in the BCT, and always seemed to be in the mix

D-Corey Morgan
(Ridgewood) - Ridgewood's top dman, also had 2 points in 2 games, a standout

G- Jon Winawer
(Tenafly) - Registered a shutout in the Semi-Finals, kept Tenafly in the games this week. Also 73 saves in 3 games

Honorable Mention

F-Peter McGinely (Ridgewood) - 3 points in 3 games, including a game winner

F-Steven Miller (Pasack Valley) - 3 points in 2 games

F-Ryan Ertmann (Northern Highlands) - 3 points in 3 games

F-Corey Leskanic (Northern Highlands) - 3 points in 3 games

F-Dylan Healy (Don Bosco) - 4 points in 3 games

D-Cody Calgano (Don Bosco) - 2 points in 2 games played

D-Mike Hite (Northern Highlands) - Huge role on Highlands defense, a big key in them only giving up 4 goals all tournament

G-Alex Santoliquido (Ridgewood) - Had 2 shutouts in 3 games and 70 saves

G-Chris Mutschin (Pascack Valley) - Only let up 5 goals in 2 games, including 80 saves

Just for the record I was correct with 9 out of 11 predictions..

The Final Bergen County Top 12

1. Don Bosco (16-1-0) Gordon National
2. Bergen Catholic (3-6-0) Gordon American
3. Tenafly (13-1-0) Big North-Gold
4. Northern Highlands (12-4-0)
5. Paramus Catholic (11-2-1) Big North-Gold
6. Ridgewood (9-5-0) Big North-Gold
7. St. Joes Montvale (7-3-1) Big North-Silver
8. Ramapo (9-3-1) Big North-Silver
9. Pascack Valley (8-3-1) Big North-Gold
10. Glen Rock (7-4-2) Big North Green
11. Mahwah (6-5-1) Big North-Green
12. Paramus (9-3-1) Big North-Silver

On the Bubble:

Ramsey (6-5-1) Big North-Green
Indian Hills (8-5-1) Big North-Green


  1. Pascack had to come from behind to beat Fair Lawn 6-5 last night... not sure they should be ranked in front of those other teams.

  2. they still won didnt they...who cares how lol

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